Parade History

Before 1976 the parade was organized and run by The Macungie Junior Chamber of Commerce, particularly members Bob Bell and Woody Miller. The Lower Lehigh Lions Club took over the responsibility in 1976. The chairman of the parade at that time was Lion Ted Malinowski. Before retiring in 1988, Ted was a park supervisor for Lower Macungie Township. Ted ran the parade until 1978. ¬†Beginning in 1979 the new parade chairman was Lion Herman Stoudt. Herman was a past Chief of the Old Zionsville Fire Company. He was also a machine shop inspector for Air Products and Chemicals of Trexlertown and was also active in the community as a director of the Community Fish and Game Association in Old Zionsville. Herman ran the parade for one year and then turned over responsibility to a new chairman.¬† In 1980 the parade chairman was Lion Charles M. Wink. He was a retired lather from Duggan & Marcon. He was also a Lifetime member of the Macungie Fire Company and a charter member of the World War ll Memorial. He had 29 years perfect attendance with Lower Lehigh Lions Club. In 1981 the parade was given back over to Lion Herman Stoudt. Herman ran the parade for two more years and in 1983 was taken over by Lion Richard Danner. Richard Danner is retired from Sheet Metal construction. Richard is still an active member of the Lower Lehigh Lions Club and helps out with many committees in the club. Richard ran the parade for 20 years, yes, that is correct 20 YEARS. Boy he really had guts. He passed the torch to Lion Tony Esposito in 2004. Tony was Richard’s assistant in 2003 to get his feet wet. Sorry Tony, somebody had to take over after 20 years. Tony is retired from Mack Trucks and is also a current member of the Lower Lehigh Lions Club. Tony ran the parade until 2012 when I volunteered to be his assistant. In 2013 I, Lion Dave Briggs, took over as chairman and continue running the parade with the help of my fellow Lions. I am a retired employee of Kraft Foods. I am also active in helping with some of the other activities of the Lower Lehigh Lions Club. One thing to remember about the parade is that it is a group effort and every member of the Lower Lehigh Lions Club that is able to help does.

If you would like to help, please contact The Lower Lehigh Lions Club and you will be directed where to go and how you can help. Also, maybe consider joining the Lower Lehigh Lions Club. The club is working to improve the parade every year and our main objective is to make it a successful fun activity for the community. There is more we do than just the parade.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow Lower Lehigh Lions and those who donate their time and money to help to make this Parade a success each and every year.¬† We couldn’t do it without you.

Dave Briggs, Parade Chairman
Lower Lehigh Lions member since 2011